Tours through the ErsatzStadt/SubstituteCity

ES Express is a series of shows out of the ErsatzStadt/SubstituteCity. International experts of the 'case studies' that were at the second part of the NEUSTADT (NEW CITY) metroZones events on Istanbul, are meeting local groups and initiatives here in Berlin in the separate shows. In the frame of a tour through the city, ES Express picks up topics and guests from the event location of the Volksbühne and displaces the discussion around Berlin, whereby the local hosts plan the sight-seeing tour in view of their political and cultural motivations.

(Grenzstadt/Border City) Potsdamer Platz and the Alte Nationalgalerie should not be missed in a tour of the city. It becomes much more interesting, however, if the Polish social councillor ZAPO determines these locations as the starting point for discussions on contract work and social safeguards for East European workers.

Participants: Maciej Berlin, Marek Bilski, Adam Gusowski, Gülsün Karamustafa, Beata Waldek, amongst others

Fox hole (Mobile Stadt/Mobile City) Mobile living: Contemporary urban planning fails due to German construction regulations. Schwarzer Kanal e.V. leads Orhan Esen through the squatter mobile home settlements in Berlin and describes utopias for a modern city - and the borders one experiences that are defined by prejudices and law statutes.

Participants: Barbara Binnewies-Siddiqui, Orhan Esen, Mathias Heyden, Usch Jabinik, Prof. Gernot Nalbach, Tina Rübbert, amongst others

ES Express is a documentary film series by Micz Flor, Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner Germany 2003, 4 x ca. 40 minutes, colour, DV/DVD Production: