Since the end of the civil war in 1998, today Belfast promises to become a prosperous city. At least there are innumerable construction signs, which John Duncan has documented in his photo series "Boomtown". The photo series was taken during the past four years during a series of walks. In the time after the cease-fire massive economic investions made a rapidly changing cityscape. The experience of the movement from south to north of the city contrasts with this, confronted with religious conflicts, which will ruin this area if they continue. "Belfast feels familiar. It is represented in all the media as a unique example of unrestrained disorder among the cities of the modern world, an anomalous place of confessional conflicts in a civilised order. Boomtown looks into the future of Belfast and deconstructs the everyday metropolis of the cease-fire and the influx of investment, which have transformed the city landscape of the past decade. " (Nicholas Allen)