Allied troops conquered Iraqi cities as if marching through them in the last Gulf war. The British army was particularly praised for its tactics of taking contact with the local population. They had practiced these tactics for decades in street fighting in Belfast. On the 5th of October 1968 the first civil rights demonstration took place aiming against the British supremacy as much as against Catholic frowst. What began as part of a global movement was abruptly forced into the military responsibility of paramilitary troops in Northern Irish Derry, as police bullets bloodily smashed the march. Since then Royal Ulster Police and the British Army have occupied Northern Ireland as a British protectorate. Since 1998 there has been a cease-fire with the "Good Friday Agreement". The promise of normality has not yet been realised. In Belfast there are still clearly divided residential areas, police and the military take cover in forts against car bombs and Molotov cocktails. Based on historical pictorial material Jochen Becker represents the progress and the "normality" of this lengthy smouldering war.