In Istanbul the car driving middle class especially articulate a nightmare vision of everyday traffic chaos, which in reality contrasts with several partly self organised and developed local transportation systems. So the minibus which integrates the residents of the Gecekondus into the city (which was mostly informally set up by immigrants from Anatolya) counts as a symbol of the "invasion of the civitas through the barbaric farmer masses".
The Ehliyetisz performans, the "performance without licence" is a field ready game of theory based on the large city of non-drivers, which was actually carried out by a test team in Istanbul. They were supposed to motivate "city ramblers" to discoveries in public transport. The test team undertook the largest possible tour through Istanbul in one day and used all the available forms of public transport. It showed that these surprisingly many forms of transport by water, road and track were able to be excellently co-ordinated, and a gap only came about when the team had to rely on competent support from drivers. Orhan Esen produced a version of this game as an installation for Learning from*.